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Jetpack Chicken MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v2.4 Android

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App Name Jetpack Chicken
Size 38.39 MB
Latest Version 2.4
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Update March 22, 2021

Download Jetpack Chicken APK MOD

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Jetpack Chicken is a mod for the Android handset PCs. The story of this arcade game begins when you wake up from a dream and realize that you have to save your chicken from a predator that lunge at you from out of the darkness. Your only hope to save it is to launch it on its way and hit the prey. It is like a flying game and you can increase the speed by raising the wings, it is very thrilling.

Jetpack Chicken is a free download from Google Play. Use the Google Play app to find and install the Jetpack Chicken app. Select the “Games” option in the left menu and search for” Arcade Game.” Select “Download,” and it will take you directly to the Jetpack Chicken download page. Just tap the button and you can now start flying your cute bird friends in the wonderful world of arcade games.

Jetpack Chicken is not just a fun arcade game; it is also a very engaging game that teaches the value of friendship and teamwork. When two birds fight they are not just beating each other; they are also displaying the importance of team work and working as a team to get what we all want, A CHICK. When you build a hen house in your backyard, you should provide some toys for your birds and of course a great perch for them to enjoy their time on. Jetpack Chicken has a lot of features including a special attack move which can be performed by simply tapping your device against the screen.

Jetpack Chicken for Google plays app version v3.5 has been updated and works great on both touch screen devices and smart phones. If you like the idea of giving a freebie to your friends but you think that the concept of getting a free bird from somewhere is kind of lame, don’t get disappointed because the developers of Jetpack Chicken for Google have thought of everything. Not only does the game allow you to give the freebie to your friends, it also includes a free Roboquad platform mod for your mobiles as well. This mod enables your birds to fly on your Google phones via a virtual 3D flying experience.

You can see the results of your hard work in the form of a free Google robopack download! The jetpack chicken – free robux for rbx mod game is one of the best arcade games available on mobiles. You can race your birds using the HTC Wildfire or the iPhone version 2.2, which includes a high score mode. The game is extremely popular with kids and parents alike because it’s a great way to teach kids the importance of sharing, caring and teamwork.

The game provides an intense and exciting online action-packed experience that will leave you craving for more. The Jetpack Jumping gameplay involves lots of control and skill, perfecting your skills by taking an expert look at their strengths and weaknesses to make the right moves. There are various levels of difficulty to challenge gamers of all ages. With simple, yet addictive arcade gameplay and exciting hidden powers and abilities, the Jetpack Chicken for Android gamers has little to lose. It is a must download for all those diehard mobile gaming fans.

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