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Lucky Patcher MOD APK (Patched) v9.3.8 Android

Download the Lucky Patcher Mod APK from our website and you can easily remove ads from certain apps and even get rid of the annoying in-app purchases.

App Name Lucky Patcher
Size 8MB
Latest Version 9.3.8
MOD Info Patched
Update March 22, 2021

Download Lucky Patcher APK MOD

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Lucky Patcher was one of the first Xposed skins developed for the rooted Android platform. Lucky Patcher combines several features that most skins currently do not have. Lucky Patcher was inspired by the Lucky pad from Nintendo. The Lucky Pad is an application which allows the user to control his or her mobile device remotely.

Lucky Patcher is an excellent android app that lets you remove ads from almost every Android app and game, modify user permissions of the apps or games and bypass license verification of most premium applications, remove system applications even if not needed, copy and backup your own apps or games, and much more. The reason I love Lucky Patcher so much is that it was one of the first skins that I found that does not require any addition to use and yet it gives me a lot of extra power for a small price. Lucky Patcher was also one of the very first skins to integrate Google Play to make it more popular. Lucky Patcher integrates Google Play Services and this made it possible for users in the United States and Canada to be able to access the Google Play store.

Lucky Patcher can effortlessly remove apps like: Market Movies, YouTube, Vimeo, Gmail, Yahoo, Picasa, Alta Vista, Chrome, Tidal, Skype, Tabs, Contacts, Onyx, Yahoo Messenger, Dialer, Adware, VirusScan etc. This means that you will never miss any of your favorite apps again. Lucky Patcher will also remove any pop up ads that come up while you are using your phone. It will also remove duplicate numbers and will even remove telemarketing callers. Lucky Patcher will display a list of all of the apps that are currently installed on your phone so you will know which ones you want to uninstall. With just one click, you can completely remove any app from your Android device.

Lucky Patcher has an in-app payments system. This means that every time you make a purchase in the Lucky Patcher app, you will get a discount or a credit. These in-app payments are very easy and anyone can create an account with little effort. Once you have a profile, you can add as many items as you want. There is no limit on how many you can have and once you have added the app, you will be able to pay for them right from your Google Android wallet. With this easy process, you will never go wrong when purchasing something in Lucky Patcher again.

Lucky Patcher has a very easy interface, which makes it easy for even a beginner to use it. The application has a very simple interface so even people who have little or no experience on the Android platform can easily figure out how to use it. It does not take a long time to get used to this application and you will wonder why you didn’t download it earlier. Lucky Patcher has been downloaded by millions of users and with this huge popularity, it is expected that the developers will release another major update in the future that will further enhance its features and allow users to remove license verification errors.

Lucky Patcher has been receiving positive reviews from android users all over the world. Some of the best features of this app are the in-built tips and guides, the quick and easy install and the ability to remove ads while you are playing a game. Apart from that, Lucky Patcher has received numerous positive reviews because it allows users to make their own logos and it is possible to add text and modify permissions at anytime. Lucky Patcher also offers a free trial period, so that people can try the application for themselves before they decide if they like it or not.

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