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SpeedTest Master Pro MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) v1.36.0 Android

To easily keep track of your connections, users can enjoy working with the useful features in Internet speed test Meter- SpeedTest Master.

App Name SpeedTest Master Pro
Size 7.61 MB
Latest Version 1.36.0
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Update March 21, 2021

Download SpeedTest Master Pro APK MOD

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Speedtest Master Pro is an application developed by a group of software engineers from Google. The team has spent a considerable amount of time refining the application to ensure it meets or exceeds all expectations. The application was created to help individuals determine their internet connection speed, which can be used to judge the performance of that particular internet connection. As most users have different internet connections, Speedtest Master Pro has been designed to be effective with both high-speed and low-speed connections.

The Speedtest Master Pro review I performed looked closely at how this application worked and the various ways it could be useful. Speedtest Master Pro is designed to be a very simple to use speed test tool and this can be seen straight away from the application interface. The layout of the interface is clean and uncluttered, making it easy to understand and use. There are only a handful of buttons to get to, but there is plenty of information available on screen to allow you to perform your speed test without any problems.

Once you have launched Speedtest Master Pro, it will search through all available bandwidths in the network and locate the best result for your current speed test. The interface will also provide you with a range of different test speeds to choose from, allowing you to easily compare your current speed against the displayed data. The Speedtest Master Pro interface is extremely easy to use and navigating around the program is quick and easy.

Once you have located the speed test connection you wish to test, the application will upload the required information and wait for the data to appear on screen. As soon as the data has appeared, Speedtest Master Pro will compare your current speed against the displayed data and give you the results. It is very quick and will display the results on your screen in a clear and understandable format.

One of the main issues that users raised with Speedtest Master Pro was the connection they used to connect to the server. Speedtest Master Pro was designed to work with any broadband Internet connection, however not all users were able to test successfully with certain high speed connections. This issue has now been resolved with the latest update which has Speedtest Master Pro able to work well with any broadband Internet connection. Unfortunately, this update did mean that some people lost the ability to access their own data; for example, if they were using a dial-up connection but went on to buy a broadband connection, Speedtest Master Pro would simply report the fact that you were unable to connect. However, as soon as they received an update to enable Speedtest Master Pro to work with newer broadband networks, this problem too, has been resolved.

Speedtest Master Pro is a useful tool which has helped countless people find out the speed of their connection. If you are concerned about any issues with your current Internet connection, it is always advisable to try and resolve them before making any changes to your Internet service. Speedtest Master Pro is simple to install and use, and should ensure that you have a good experience when surfing the Internet. However, be sure to check that it also runs reliably on a regular basis, as only by doing this will you be able to benefit from its functionality.

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