Your Presence in this article shows that you are looking for adventure games for Android. If it’s true, then you have come to the right place. Why? Because we have done thorough research to present you the list of Top 10 Best adventure games for Android. Moreover, these games are the best due to their millions of downloads and many positive reviews.

Before starting anything, let us tell you what adventure games are. In general, people get misguided whenever they want to play an adventure game. Why? Because adventure games are usually very unique. The genre of this game type doesn’t come in a single category; therefore, these games can fit into several genres simultaneously. The only prerequisite of such games is that it takes you towards an adventure.

Therefore, it will become harder for you to select this genre of games. But don’t worry, as you have come to this article, you will be going to know about the adventure games in this article that fits with the perfect genres. So without any further ado, let’s start talking about the games in the below section.

Grand Mountain Adventure: Snowboard Premiere

Grand Mountain biểu tượng

Our first pick for the list starts with the fantastic grand mountain adventure games. In general, it’s a skiing game, which comes in the sports category. The come comes with exploration and racing elements at the same time.

When you download this game on your android phone, you will be provided with various tracks to race. After starting the game, you will have different tracks where you need to ski and overcome all the obstacles in the track for the given time.

Grand Mountain bài đăng

You can also ski around the area and see the beautiful and incredible sights on the tracks and surroundings. The game also comes with a premium version where you can get more options for mountains. There, you can perform various tricks whenever you hit the big air.

You may find the game controls pretty hard and weird in the initial stages of the game. With time, you will realize that it’s easy to understand controls and give you many options to race on the track.

Moreover, this game comes in smooth graphics that give you an outstanding experience. The first mountain track available on this game is free for the user. However, the other versions are premium. So, you have to buy them to unlock the rest of the mountain tracks.

Lucid Dream Adventure:

Lucid Dream: trò chơi phiêu lưu biểu tượng

Are you the one who love to play adventure games that comes with a mysterious touch? If yes, lucid dream adventure would be the best game you should need to install on your android phone.

The game offers you a free full of riddles, classic points, puzzles, and crazy plot twist types. It’s a story-lined game filled with dream interpretation and dark intrigue.

In the game, Lucy is the girl who is also the main character. She is an expedition that sets out from the labyrinth of the dream. Lucy has to fight for her dying mother when she became an adult.

Lucid Dream: trò chơi phiêu lưu bài đăng

Due to these reasons, she will have to start the game with a colourful destiny of landscapes, just like the fairytale. In the missions, Lucy will have to meet various characters that will come in the game. 

Each character has its powers and reasons to come in the game. Therefore, Lucy has to tackle every one of them with a sharp mind. Luckily, you are the one who will help out Lucy to achieve all required in this game.

So, it will be a longer adventure game journey. Where you have to use your sharp mind to complete the levels. Finally, you can play this game without any need to pay for the installation procedure. 

Ghost Town Adventures

Ghost Town biểu tượng

Suppose you are the one who tends to spend a lot of your time watching ghost stories. Then, this game would be the best option for you to install on your android mobile phone.

Ghost town adventure is the horror genre of adventure games. Where you have to solve lots of riddles by experiencing different horror experiences. If you have ever played the walking dead, you would expect the same genre or feeling in this game.

Ghost Town bài đăng

After installing this game, you will set-up to start the adventure journey in a ghost town. The town would be a mysterious city where the ghosts are inhabited in a considerable amount.

Anna is the young sorceress who you will join in this game to reveal the ghost town secrets. Apart from that, you will also have to meet the residents of this city to know about the evil plans that are the top reasons for taking over the city.

Throughout the game, you will get to know about more than 100 characters. Moreover, each character comes with a unique secret and stories that need to be discovered. Also, you have to meet the locals of the mysterious city to unveil the riddles.

The game comes with a thrilling storyline, where you will get to experience fantastic adventures. More importantly, the game tends to update time-to-time, which comes with various new narratives in your way. So, you will never relax as every new day of this game comes up with a unique and new riddle to solve.

Moreover, you will also need to use your mind to explore hidden objects such as magic gems, treasure, secret passages, and shortcuts. Every one of them will help you out to perform the riddles in a much easier way.

Last but not least, Ghost town adventure doesn’t require money for the installation procedure. However, you have to spend money on its features and gadgets available in the game. That’s also depended upon you. If you want to play the game with the free features, you can still play.

Jungle Adventure 2: 

Jungle Adventures 3 biểu tượng

Jungle Adventure is a sequel of Jungle Adventure for android mobile phone games. Those who love to do adventures In the jungles need to install this game on their mobile phones. Jungle adventure comes with different experiences that you have never experienced or expected in your life.

In the game, addu is the main character who has to make an effort to save the jungle’s fruit from the magician. In general, the magician uses these fruits for unethical reasons. Therefore, you will have to follow all the available resources of this game to save the jungle from anything wrong.

Jungle Adventures 3 bài đăng

The game comes with various essential features. You, as the main character addu can throw stones, swim, and jump. Apart from that, you can freely explore the jungles along with “bullion and per” on your journey.

If talking about the controls, so it’s very smooth and simple for this game. Moreover, it’s an adventure game with a slide scrolling type. So, you will have a bunch of incredible game stories comes in your way in the entire game.

Last but not least, the game comes with a free installation procedure. Therefore, you don’t need to spend a single amount on this game. That’s all for this game, but you should install this game on your android phones to explore the real feel of jungle adventure.

Harry Potter (Hogwarts Mystery):

Harry Potter biểu tượng

How can we forger harry potter in the list of our best adventure games? Yeah, you are right. IT’s the same harry potter you have seen on TV and preach it’s stories in your childhood. The writer of this TV series has done justice for people who love stories’ adventure or mystery.

If you are a fan of harry potter, you should need to try this game on your mobile phone. The best part about this game is that it comes with various mysteries that you need to solve.

You will have your adventure in this game, just like how you have watched it in the movie. You will be provided with tons of stories on the game to select. Every story is unique and a treat to play, just like you have watched it on the TV.

Harry Potter bài đăng

The game comes with free options where you are much easier to form your adventures. After installing the game, your journey will start with hidden surprises, magical creatures, and a full of spells.

You can learn all the magic spells to have more powerful options that will lead you to resolve all the mysteries of this game. Moreover, the game does require your mind skills to investigate all the mysteries that come in your way.

So, you should not expect this game as an easy thing. It’s easy to learn the game, but mastering the game comes with lots of effort and brain skills. Apart from that, you will also have the option to select your clothing category, customize your avatars, and many more.

The fantastic thing about this game is that it doesn’t require any money for the installation procedure. However, you should need to spend on its gadgets and features available inside the game.

Genshin Impact: 

Genshin Impact biểu tượng

If you have ever played Zelda in your life, the genshin impact is also created with an adventure game genre. The game is full of outstanding adventures that will come in better graphics and quality for you.

You will have an open and big world, where you have to explore various things such as missions and quests in your way.

Genshin Impact bài đăng

In the game, you will have different characters along with you, consider as your siblings. All of you have come from a different world. Each of the characters has it’s unique power, which can be used to solve different missions.

However, the journey will start with Teyvat, where you will seek answers from the seven gods of elements. You will also experience joining the world, along with a diverse range of characters. So, you could easily unveil the Teyvat mysteries.

The game comes with outstanding graphics and visuals that you may never expect in any other adventure game type. You can also build your team to get unique abilities, stories, and personalities for every character.

The game tends to update more often, so you will never get bored or dull after playing it. Apart from that, the game comes with a free version to install. Therefore, you will not need to pay a single amount for its installation. However, you may need to spend money on the game features and gadgets that are premium.

Guardian Tales: 

Guardian Hunter: SuperBrawlRPG [Online] biểu tượng

Guardian Tyle is another amazing adventure game that comes with a retro-style gameplay mode. The game comes with outstanding controls and mechanics. So, it will be a great experience to play this game.

Guardian Hunter: SuperBrawlRPG [Online] bài đăng

Apart from that, you will get the chance to play this game by solving the games’ mysteries and puzzles. You will have decent stories, boss fights, and other fun things throughout the game.

It also comes with social features where you can play games with your friends and simultaneously chat with them. The game comes with gacha mechanics; therefore, the free version will become an irritating experience for you.

That’s why you have to spend on its premium offers available in the game after the installation procedure. So, you will have the best experiences of your life.


Swordigo biểu tượng

Are you the one who always loves to explore the dangerous pathways that provide you with the dark cave appearances? If yes, then swordigo is the adventure game type you need to install on your android mobile phone.

The game is all about finding the swords that are hidden in different parts of the game levels. You can easily understand the strategies of this game. Therefore, it doesn’t require you to be a master to play this game.

Swordigo bài đăng

The essential features of this game come with amazing visual graphics and a story. Smooth and easy control, treasures, lots of weapons, and other necessary things.

Last but not least, the game comes with a free installation procedure. Therefore, you don’t have to spend a single amount of money on this game.

Escape Game (Home Town Adventure):

Escape game : 50 rooms 1 biểu tượng

Escape game is another amazing adventure genre available on the google play store to install. The game has a decent amount of downloads and positive reviews. In the entire game, you will be provided with various rooms filled up with puzzles.

Every puzzle will help you escape the room and reach the desired destination to complete the level. The plots and strategies of this game are impressive. Therefore, you will enjoy the game with lots of unique features.

Escape game : 50 rooms 1 bài đăng

Whether it’s about the visual graphics or functions, you will enjoy every bit of it. Why? Because it comes in a standard option and quality. The sound system of this game helps you out to increase the excitement for this game.

Whether you are connected or not with the Internet, you can play this game in both modes. Last but not least, the game comes without a paid subscription. Therefore, you can enjoy the game without any need to spend money on it.

Criminal Case:

Criminal Case biểu tượng

If you are the one who feels adventure in a detection type of games, then a criminal case would be the best option for you to install on your android mobile phone. The game is a twist of both detection and adventure game.

Throughout the game, you will get to experience various characters. These characters would be the forensic experts, head of the detection team, and many more. The main idea of this game is to solve the puzzle by finding the murder evidence.

Criminal Case bài đăng

Every evidence will take you towards the endpoint of completing the level. Apart from that, every feature of this game is exciting for you.

It would help if you needed an internet connection to play this game as it will connect you with your Facebook friends. Moreover, you will get loads of puzzles and levels in this game to resolve. The game will end up becoming addictive for you. Therefore, you need to play it with a time approach. Every level comes with a criminal act, which you need to solve.

Last but not least, the game is available for free download. However, you may need to spend money on the game only on this game’s premium features or gadgets.


Adventure games are not the ones that come with a single genre. Therefore, you can expect this genre in various types of games. Whether it’s sports, horror, or safari, you need to be very open whenever you have to select this game category.

Luckily, tons of adventure game options are available on the Google Play store. However, not every game provides you with the same sort of experience. So, you need to spend lots of time in the researching process. The research process might become a hectic task for you.

That’s the reason we have decided to take all the responsibilities on your shoulders. In this article, we have done live testing and thorough research on different adventure games. We have narrow down the list of the top 10 best adventure android games for you due to these reasons.