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Arcade Hunter MOD APK (Ad-Free) v1.14.0 Android

Arcade Hunter is an RPG game based on the bounty hunting and running concept.

App Name Arcade Hunter
Size 138.34 MB
Latest Version 1.14.0
MOD Info Ad-Free
Update March 22, 2021

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Arcade Hunter is a game that has been designed and created by HTC Incredible Mobile Phone for the iPhone platform. The story of the game revolves around a boy who lives in the middle of a desert called the Wastelands. One day a mysterious stranger lands his helicopter on the ground and starts having a deadly fun time messing up the crops in the area. Local villagers hurry to the scene only to find that the helicopter has crashed into the sand dunes.

The hero of the story, named Arcade enters the town of Narayan in order to find out what caused the helicopter to crash. It turns out that Arcade was being haunted by ghosts that were taken from his own home by his evil stepmother. Now that Arcade has returned home he must defeat all the evil spirits that are plaguing his new life and clear his name once and for all.

The game is designed as an arcade game and it requires you to hit all the targets in order to win the game. It is simple and easy to pick up and play. It’s best to use the in-game hints in order to avoid getting stuck at one point in the game. There are also several levels in the game that you can select and continue playing from once you’ve gotten through the first one.

This game is free to download and play. To get the maximum amount of points, you should always try to complete all the challenges in every level. It is recommended that you do not try to complete all challenges on your first try since most of them are time-sensitive. This will ensure that you don’t waste too many hours trying to complete them. If you’re not sure how to complete a particular challenge then you can always ask for help on the screen.

If you love shooting games you will love Arcade Hunter. You can shoot birds and destroy objects using the machine. There are different types of Arcade Hunters that you can choose from. The Classic Arcade is the original version which features the same arcade theme with the addition of two new elements. The Classic has the same controls as the Classic, but now it comes with two gun controllers.

The Modern Arcade has a few differences from the classic. It now comes with three gun controllers and has a couple of challenges, which are more advanced than the ones in the classic version. The Game Boy Advance version comes with four controllers, allows you to change fire power by holding down the control pad and includes four new challenges. Each version of the game requires you to complete a particular level before you unlock the next one. In case you manage to beat the last challenge you’ll be rewarded with a certificate that is redeemable for a free Nintendo Wii.

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