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BEAKER: Mix Chemicals MOD APK (Unlocked) v23 Android

BEAKER: Mix Chemicals is a smartphone application that can help users perform some basic experiments right on their smartphones.

App Name BEAKER: Mix Chemicals
Size 47M
Latest Version 23
MOD Info Unlocked
Update March 21, 2021

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A new way of learning chemistry has been launched by Google called BEAKER: Mix Chemicals. The app is designed to provide information about several chemical substances, their properties and how they can be used for a particular purpose. This means that the information provided is not only up to date, but accurate as well. To add to this, the app also offers links to related websites so that users can get more information on the various substances covered in the app.

Since the app is designed to cover various topics in chemistry, it makes sense that there would be a lot of information and content. For example, the home page of the app contains links to various sites that offer information on various topics in chemistry. On reading the various content available on the home page, a user is able to understand how various substances can be used. Similarly, when a person goes through the topics listed under the materials list in the app, he or she is able to understand how various materials can be mixed with each other.

However, while browsing through the information on BEAKER: Mix Chemicals, one cannot help but be surprised by the depth of information that is provided. To begin with, the app provides details on the various properties of the substances used in making these mixes. These include names, common chemical forms, units of measure, and other important information. It is also noteworthy that the app displays the percentage content of each substance used in the mixture. While reading this information on the home page, a user is able to get a clear idea of the chemistry used to mix these substances.

Also available on the home page of the app are links to related articles on various issues. One such article is entitled, ‘Making Your Own Homemade BEAKER: Mix Chemicals.’ In this article, the author discusses various safety issues that have been raised about using these devices in homes. The author makes it clear that while using the device to mix chemicals, people should take extra care as these devices can pose threats to their safety.

Apart from providing information on the properties of the substances used to make the beakers, the app also provides information on the equipment required to use the equipment. The various equipment used to mix chemicals are discussed here. Along with this, the website also gives details on how to store the beaker: mix chemicals. Some of the steps listed here are illustrated in detail. Moreover, the website also provides recipes for homemade beakers: mix chemicals using household items.

All in all, the website provides everything that any budding amateur scientist or researcher may need on the theme of how to make a beaker: mix chemicals at home. This is perhaps one of the easiest and quickest ways to obtain information on the use of home made equipment for chemical research. One can also obtain tips on how to choose the right equipment and make different beakers at home. However, it is important to take precautions while working with potentially dangerous chemicals and equipments.

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